The Breakthrough Room offers a valuable blend of wellness and life coaching, incorporating evidence-based theories and techniques often utilized by mental health professionals. I am committed to addressing the root of your challenges, challenging faulty belief systems, and setting and conquering life obstacles together. All coaching sessions are offered remotely within the US.

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The Breakthrough Room LLC is a partnership rooted in collaboration. While I bring expertise in human behavior and the mind, you are the authority on yourself. My role is to provide support, offer constructive challenges, and inspire your personal growth. Your active participation, dedication to problem-solving, and willingness to confront obstacles are vital elements in our shared journey.

Evidence Based Theories

& Techniques

The incorporation of evidence-based theories and techniques from mental health professionals guarantee that coaching sessions are firmly rooted in established practices that promote positive transformation while upholding ethical boundaries and the non-clinical essence of life coaching. We will pinpoint the core issues behind obstacles and address them with a solution-oriented perspective.


Creating a secure and trusting environment is paramount in our sessions, making confidentiality our highest priority. I want you to feel comfortable openly exploring your thoughts, emotions, and challenges, as this transparency is fundamental to your growth and healing process. All information shared with The Breakthrough Room LLC will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.